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Patience and Love Equal Transition

Originally posted on Loki's Gift:

LOKI Feb 16  17 and Hemi 007 So many of you have been following the story of LOKI.  The Sole surviving pup, one of 23 seized in a 2010 hoarding case in Canada’s Arctic.

Many of you are also followers of Loki on his Face Book page: Nov 30 2013 018NC Nov 30 2013 016NC Nov 30 2013 015NC Loki in the house My bed and Den 009NC - October 29 2013 007Loki joins his family  October 25 2013Loki First day in house  Oct 2013 NCHemi and Loki  Oct 13 2013 003Good boy on mom's bed Oct 2013 NCOctober 23 2013 014New Chapter Oct 14 2013 001

During the years that I spent with LOKI, on his terms, in his domain, you can only imagine the fear and anxiety I felt each day that I would venture out looking for him.  The question always in the back of my mind (would this be the day that I could not find him, or that he would not come to me when I used our signal)?  There were those days that my heart was in my throat, because I could not find him, because he did not come.  The search would then be on and I would keep going out at all hours of that day to…

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